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The Ocean is On Fire

Here’s how I know were headed in the wrong direction. The ocean is on fire.

Kinda liking the new Honda Element Just kidding. But, cool concept from Honda.
This Is Not Censorship

This Is Not Censorship

This is not censorship. Just so we’re clear, nobody’s First Amendment Rights are being violated. Every social media platform has an EULA/ULA (End / User License Agreement). It’s that long legalese thing you scroll past without reading right before you click “Agree”....

An Overdue Update

I’ve made a few small changes with a few more still in the works… For now, a theme update and some content trimming, along with a security update to keep the comment spam down.  

This Is Water

Update: August 23, 2014 The youtube video has been removed at the request of the David Foster Wallace Foundation, but the transcript of the speech is below. This could be the most inspirational thing you (read) all day… In 2005, David Foster Wallace gave the...