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Today we took a tour of the hospital where we’ll bring our son into the world next month. The “Late Pregnancy” class offered by our provider was basically a PowerPoint presentation about what we should expect to start happening in the next few weeks. Yes, PowerPoint. Nothing surprising beyond a five foot tall Hawaiian woman expecting twins in the next month… Remarkable.

The “presentation” was followed by a tour of the maternity ward that was actually quite informative, albeit a bit awkward. Take a dozen expectant mothers and their spouses or significant others, and parade them through a maze of waiting rooms and nurse kiosks. Mix them in with a handful of new and any-moment mothers waddling the very same maze with a very firm grip on the railing that seems to cover every inch of wall. The glances exchanged conveying a simple “hang in there” between moms…

Aside from the tour and the surprising list of services available to mother, child and family, the class really was nothing more than a recap of the information you could find in any worthwhile pregnancy book or even website. I guess I half expected to learn something new, but apparently my own research has been quite thorough.

If you have the means, take the tour. If you can schedule a private tour, skip the class and pick up a book.

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