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An Overdue Update

I’ve made a few small changes with a few more still in the works… For now, a theme update and some content trimming, along with a security update to keep the comment spam down.  

This Is Water

Update: August 23, 2014 The youtube video has been removed at the request of the David Foster Wallace Foundation, but the transcript of the speech is below. This could be the most inspirational thing you (read) all day… In 2005, David Foster Wallace gave the...


The last year has been filled with new experiences… In thinking about what I would like to do differently in the new year, I reached on simple conclusion. I’m done trying to please everyone.  

Christmas For Two Year Olds

It’s been years since I can remember being excited about Christmas. I guess you could say the shine wore off somewhere along the way. But, having a child has helped me to see the wonder of the holiday again and to encourage him to enjoy the season. We’ve...

Always Bet On Silver

The Wager: One US dollar per Electoral College vote for the difference between the winner and loser… Partly as a joke, but mostly because I knew losing wasn’t likely, I posted my offer to my facebook timeline on the morning of election day. By noon there...