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As you may have heard, Apple launched the App Store for Macs on Wednesday. If you’re familiar with the App Store for iOS devices, you can find your way around the App Store for Mac.

Now, as a long-time Apple Fanboy, I was a frequent visitor to the Downloads section of I’ve been downloading, testing, and using the wares available there since I was a wee lad with a MacBook G3. The App Store is replacing the Downloads section at Great for developers, not so much for demo junkies and shareware trolls. Now, there are still plenty of free apps available in the store, but I always looked forward to a test drive before I plunked down the loot for a new piece of software.

I’ve already grabbed a few of the free essentials including Caffeine and Twitter, and even paid for an app or six thanks to an abundance of iTunes gift cards I got for Christmas. (Thanks Travis!)

If you’re a numbers person or just overly cautious with your own personal finances, I highly recommend MoneyWell. It’s a great way to manage and track your accounts and may help you save a few bucks to spend on more apps!

I’m looking forward to playing with SoundCloud and MindNode, but I’m always looking for new things. Feel free to share your recommendations.