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With another year under the proverbial belt, it’s time once again to think of all of the things we have to be thankful for… For myself, the list could prove to be quite extensive. (You can be thankful for time constraints and selective editing…) The following is by no means a complete list:

Family. It goes without saying that I will always be thankful for my family, immediate, extended and otherwise. This year, I’m also thankful to be adding to my own immediate family…

Friends. I’ve always considered my friends part of my ‘family’, but just in case you didn’t think you were included… You are.

Love. I have no idea where I would be without my wife to keep me on my toes. And for the little belly-bump she carries with her that will soon be unleashed on the world…

Home. Having recently passed the one-year mark in our new home, we’re thankful to have a place to call our own.


Opportunity. I’m thankful for the relationships that I have and the opportunities that they provide. Without them, I would be nowhere.