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The five-day weekend started on a good note. But, by the end of the first day, things weren’t looking so good…

Discovered a gash in the sidewall of one of the tires on my commuter. Somehow the tire was still holding air. Being long overdue for some new shoes, the only place in town with the set I wanted was about 20 miles away but down the street from the new place… I limped the poor thing out to the house and parked her inside for the night.

Aside from the setback, I did actually manage to get some chores done. The yardwork at the old spot is done, just in time for the rain.

As I sit here waiting for my tires to be installed, I can’t wait to start day two. The to-do list isn’t getting any smaller.

Hopefully we’re still on schedule to be moved before Thanksgiving.

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