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The first thing I noticed after my upgrade to Lion was that the scrolling direction was all wrong… Of course, I was in the System Preferences panel looking to change the settings before I let that nonsense continue one second longer.

In case you’re wondering:

System Preferences > Trackpad >  Scrolling direction: natural

So… I clicked off the Natural option and went right back to my old ways.

Then I thought about it… Why would the default change?

Have I been perfectly content scrolling in reverse all this time? Say it isn’t so.

It wasn’t until I started poking around with LauchPad, organizing and re-organizing, that it came to me. This is iOS. Then it started to make more sense.

Think of the direction you swipe to navigate between the pages of Apps on your iPhone or iPad. When you’re looking at a web page, which way do you swipe to scroll? That’s the new default direction. “Content tracks finger movement.” Rather than control the scroll bar, you’re moving the pages themselves. Besides, the scroll bars have been updated too.

It’s going to take a few days for me to get used to, but I’ve switched back to Natural Scrolling.

I can’t say that it feels very ‘natural’ at the moment. Maybe it’s “New Natural” or “iNatural”?

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